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Open Source

My reasons for going down the Open Source route are numerous. The first was that I hoped that making the source code available would prevent the kind of stagnation that I have witnessed in many proprietary products and projects. A lot of useful and functional code gets discarded and rebuilt many, many times over. Placing the code in Open Source may ensure its survival.

My second reason was purely commercial in the sense that Open Source can be regarded as a very useful tool in both self-development and self-promotion. An Open Source project especially a successful one can be regarded as the one of the best methods of advertising skills in the technology marketplace.

My third reason was the potentially large scale of the project. The goals section may give some indications of where this project may be headed but it is only an indication. Although I have written what may be considered a prototype there is no way that it can be regarded as a complete, working, mature commercial system. That can only be achieved with contributors and a common interest.

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