jcengine framework
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The jcengine framework is a prototypical set of Java classes intended to support the construction of a broad range of application software. These applications could be build-to-order e-commerce systems, engineering software, sales support tools or wizard-style interactive agents.

The main aim is to use this framework to construct functional and commercial build-to-order software.


In a normal ecommerce application the software deals with sales items that are pre-built. A book for example does not have any features that can be customized. You have a choice of either hardback or softback. With build-to-order software sales items can be customised to suit a clients requirements. This type of software lends itself well to environments such as selling enterprise servers, clusters, racks or other technology products.


The application was designed and developed using Java 1.3.1 Standard Edition. Iíve since upgraded to 1.4rc. But the code should still compile and run under 1.3. As yet Iíve used no features unique to 1.4.

NetBeans is my IDE of choice. I highly recommend this IDE since it is a solid, functional IDE as well as being an Open Source project. It also integrates nicely with CVS.

The project is currently being developed under the Common Public Licence

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