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The product’s history goes back to about 1996 when I worked under contract for a technology corporation. My role was to assist in the development and maintenance of a Windows based desktop application used by the sales department. The software was called a ‘server configurator’ and allowed a salesperson to abstractly construct and price a server, a rack or another exotic piece of technology from the comfort of their desktop PC. The effectiveness of this software ensured that it proliferated well beyond it’s original target user-base and it was well regarded outside its immediate community. In the short term, it was spectacularly successful.

Unfortunately and for various reasons, development of the software petered out and key personnel were moved into other projects. Essentially the project stagnated.

What made the project a technical success was the design. The developers using an object orientated approach created a concise model for encapsulating the behaviour and relationships between different sales items. They then worked closely with their users to build a well-featured user interface. The successful features could be summed up as follows:

This is not to say that the historical application didn’t have problems. First and foremost amongst these was…

Some time ago I decided to resurrect this application. This time I would do it independently, make the source code publicly available and correct some of the flaws in the original. Having spent some time experimenting with a variety of designs, languages, databases and development environments. The jcengine framework is the most promising candidate.

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