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Sourceforge, Cygwin, CVS and Windows

This section represents a quick description of the how and what of accessing the Sourceforge CVS on a Windows platform using Cygwin. Sourceforge supplies an excellent document on using PuTTy with the CVS repository.

A Windows platform, a working Internet connection and a Sourceforge developer account are assumed to already be working.

The first element required is a working executable for CVS. I downloaded cvs-1.11-2.zip from where I don't know but here is a good place to start. Placing the CVS.EXE on the path is a necessity.

The second thing that is required is a UNIX shell emulator for Windows. One which supports OpenSSH. I chose Cygwin.

The Cywin software can be downloaded from here The OpenSSH package is not supplied by default so you will need to select it from the installer's tree. I also recommend downloading an editor. This is a matter of choice but as a UNIXer from the bad old days. I chose the vi based editor - vim.

Once Cywin is installed it needs to be configured. I recommend creating a .profile and and, using the aforementioned editor, entering the following settings:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:username@cvs.modulename.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/modulename

When this is done you should be ready to access CVS.

Creating a public key for SSH access is a must if you are using a product like NetBeans to access the repository.

ssh-keygen -t rsa1

I must admit that I used ssh-user-config utility instead. This created keys for every protocol used by SSH in quick succession. The config application is also available on the Cygwin install tree.

Uploading the keys is done in your account section of Sourceforge.

As a footnote, CVS isn't a point and click type of application. I recommend a thorough review of the documentation before attempting to use it. Uploading the initial tree can be achieved with the following command - executed in the directory at the top of the source tree.

cvs import -m message modulename vendor releasetag

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